If you didn’t get the e-mail, you can go here to find out about the Regional Transportation Authority’s latest plan for a plan to improve mass transit in the Chicago area. It’s called “Moving Beyond Congestion.”

The email says, “We are engaged in a strategic plan for modern transit and we seek input and participation from residents throughout the six-county region” to create a plan that reduces traffic congestion. There’s a July 25 media kickoff at Union Station for those who sign up to be “Partners for Transit.”

Here’s one of the ten goals:

“Ensure that the passenger experience is of one seamless public transportation system.”

Great idea, RTA folks, but maybe you could get your own people to stop feuding and agree to this before dragging the rest of us into a bunch of meetings?

To see part of the problem, check out this July 5 report from WBBM 780’s Bob Roberts. The suburban Pace bus system is still threatening to cut off CTA seven-day passholders because Pace claims it’s not getting enough money from CTA to compensate for honoring them. Other CTA passes and cards are still good there, and I’m sure everyone using them has plenty of spare time to keep track.