Cassie Ramone Credit: Courtesy Log Lady Records

Continuing their excellent programming of underground-rock acts, tonight the Owl will host a show of all-female solo sets, headlined by singer Cassie Ramone (of the now-defunct Vivian Girls). The program’s aim is to take these ladies away from the loud punk bands they front and let them play mellow, acoustic, and stripped-down music—Ramone’s solo material is soft and pretty, with the focus on her awkward vocal melodies and simplistic guitar strums. Opening the show are three local singers, Lillie West of Lala Lala, Jessica Risker of Deadbeat, and Miranda Winters of noise-pop powerhouse Melkbelly. As always with Owl shows, things kick off around 10 PM and admission is free.

Check out Ramone’s single “I Don’t Really Wanna Go” below.