Cast a ballot by June 9 for your favorite things in the best city on earth. Credit: Paul John Higgins

We all know the most important ballot we’ll cast in 2016—Trump?!—but the Reader‘s annual Best of Chicago poll is a close second. This year, we’ve created separate ballots for different interest areas, so you can quickly weigh in on only the things you really care about. Vote below by category:

Here’s your opportunity to tell the world—or at least your neighbors—about your favorite Chicago things. Categories include: Best Chicagoan to Follow on Twitter, Best Overall Restaurant, Best Brewpub, Best Record Store, Best New Band, Best Stand-Up Comedian, Best LGBTQ Dance Party, Best Alderman, Best Athlete—and lord knows you have strong opinions about hot dogs and pizza. We’ve expanded the list of categories this year to include everything under the sun: Best Magician, Best Band Name, Best Underground Dining—even Best Dentist (because, hey, oral hygiene is important, and your guy’s the best, right?).

Those who complete a ballot by May 16 will be eligible to win a pair of tickets to the Reader‘s Key Ingredient Cook-Off on May 20. Voting ends June 9. Winners will be revealed June 23 in the Best of Chicago Issue. 

Now, vote, baby, vote!