• Roberto Rossellini, posing with Ingrid Bergman in 1949

Tuesday at 6 PM, noted critic and film historian Adriano Aprà will deliver a lecture at the Italian Cultural Institute about Roberto Rossellini, arguably the most important of all Italian filmmakers. As Dave Kehr liked to note in the Reader, Rossellini’s radical combinations of documentary and fiction techniques were instrumental in creating modern cinema. Today, the director’s influence remains as strong as ever, as evidenced by the Dardennes’ The Kid With a Bike or Dee Rees’s Pariah—to cite just two movies you can see in theaters this week.

Rossellini’s life story is as remarkable as one of his films, filled with love affairs, scandals, and episodes of daring self-reinvention (for an in-depth study, check out Tag Gallagher’s biography The Adventures of Roberto Rossellini). Aprà will be focusing on Rossellini’s art, but that’s varied enough and so crammed with wisdom to inspire a dozen such lectures. The event is free, but reservations are recommended.