Waffle Gang leader Shawn Childress, aka rapper-producer Awdazcate, is in the middle of putting the final touches on the “Summer Jam Edition” of Waffle Fest, a bash that pays tribute to local hip-hop and Childress’s favorite breakfast treat. Last night, in the midst of all his fest-related planning, Childress dropped “FRFR,” a woozy number featuring frequent collaborator Pugs Atomz.

As a producer Childress has an ear for turning funk instrumentals into narcotizing hooks. His tracks can be serene, to the point where I’ve wanted to stay under its spell even after it comes to a close. Childress streamlines his sound with “FRFR,” which moves swiftly thanks to a bumbling vocal sample and lithe bass line; when these parts lock in it feels a little unsteady, but Childress pulls it off with style.

Atomz takes full control of the mike on “FRFR,” and early on he raps, “This verse here / Water, earth, air, fire.” Atomz, a Chicago rap veteran who boasts decades of excperience in the scene, still approaches hip-hop like it’s crucial to his survival; it’s easy to hear that in the fun, little asides he drops into the track.

Childress plans to include “FRFR” on a forthcoming project called Waffle Staxz. Until then stream it below, and head to Gossip Wolf for more information on this weekend’s Waffle Fest.

Leor Galil writes about hip-hop every Wednesday.