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Picks from your latest BAT award contender:

AL East: Red Sox (except for Schilling’s “right biceps degeneration”–ew–they’re just as good as they were last year, perhaps better if Pedroia and Ellsbury improve and Ramirez and Ortiz don’t decline much)

AL Central: Indians (the Cabrera addition is great, but more hitting wasn’t really what the Tigers needed)

AL West: Mariners (my money’s on Guerrero or Hunter breaking down, and Bedard/King Felix looks good)

AL Wild Card: Tigers (just can’t bring myself to pick the Yankees)

NL East: Mets (the Santana addition is huge in a mediocre division)

NL Central: Cubs (if I had more confidence in Gallardo and Parra, I’d say the Brewers, but I think they’re a year away)

NL West: D-Backs (they could be scary if Drew and Young improve)

NL Wild Card: Brewers (honestly, this is totally up in the air–insert Rockies, Phillies, or Dodgers if you like; I’m going to go with the Brewers just because I wish them well)

ALDS: Sox over Tigers, Mariners over Indians

AL Pennant: Red Sox

NLDS: Brewers over Cubs, D-Backs over Mets

NL Pennant: D-Backs

WS Champ: Oh, hell–D-Backs, with Webb and Haren as the new Schilling/Johnson. I know it’s dependent on a lot of improvement from Drew, Upton, Young, Reynolds, and Owings, but I’ll take the chance.