The guys over at Daytrotter (my past column on them is here) are fiercely independent, almost on an Ian MacKaye level. So when I opened up my RSS feed this afternoon and the first thing I saw was the news that the site is getting a “substantial investment” from the more Dad Rock-leaning Wolfgang’s Vault I was a little thrown. I e-mailed main Daytrotter-er Sean Moeller for some info and got back a typically upbeat and verbose reply, which follows in its entirety:

Thanks so much Miles!
The great thing about all of this is that nothing is going to be affected at all. I retain my share of the ownership of the company and all of the creative control/vision of Daytrotter. Bill Sagan and Wolfgang’s Vault have no intention of messing with anything involving Daytrotter, which was the most important thing for us to know going forward with partnering with them. We didn’t have any intention of doing any of this if we weren’t going to get to continue calling all of the shots. We were doing fine going about this our own comfortable way. We didn’t need anyone. But when the WV folks approached us and allowed us to continue with the freedom that we’ve always had while providing some always necessary money to make sure that’s possible, we felt really lucky. It’s been an intense amount of hard work to get to this point and we had no intention of throwing that away for a few bucks. We are still Daytrotter, I am still Daytrotter, along with Pat Stolley, Brad Kopplin, Phil Pracht and Johnnie Cluney and that’s never going to change. You’re not going to see anything different in the way we exist. You’re going to see MORE great stuff. That’s it.

I don’t know how you go about getting sweet-ass deals involving no-strings-attached cash injections, but if anyone has any suggestions please send them my way.