It looks like the next Walmart battle in the City Council won’t happen this week after all.

On Wednesday a revised deferred agenda for tomorrow’s zoning committee meeting was posted on the City Clerk’s web site, and the proposed Pullman Park development project, which would be anchored by a new Walmart store, isn’t on it. (The item was on the “deferred” agenda because it was originally introduced to the committee earlier this spring. You can click on the links to see PDFs of the old and new agendas.)

The committee’s chairman, 25th Ward alderman Daniel Solis, told me he decided to stall the vote—yet again—to give the big-box retailer and unions even more time to work out their differences. Solis said union leaders wanted to go ahead with a vote this week, but he said he talked with Walmart representatives and the sponsor of the Pullman project, Ninth Ward alderman Anthony Beale, and decided to table the plan for the moment.

“I kept it off because I thought it was the best choice for the city of Chicago,” Solis told me. “If there’s an opportunity for negotiations, then I’ll take it. The economy is still bad.”

Not coincidentally, it also appeared that the Pullman Walmart plan didn’t have the votes to pass the committee this week.