Credit: Jason Frederick

Many of my Reader coworkers know that I have a somewhat amusing, mostly annoying habit of requesting that all our covers should take the form of Mad magazine fold-in covers. When I propose this in editorial staff meetings, it is under the assumption that it will never happen. Well, dreams do come true. This year, local genius Jason Frederick made his annual Pitchfork Music Festival B Side cover a Mad magazine-style fold-in. And if my dream came true, well, yours probably can as well.

The reader who correctly identifies the most people and acts on this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival B Side cover will receive a three-day VIP pass to the Pitchfork Music Festival. That’s right, a three-day VIP pass. To get a closer view of who’s on the cover, click the image above for a high-grade PDF version. 

So hurry up and send your answers, along with your full name, to for your chance to score free drinks, shade, better sight lines, and more manageable crowds at this year’s annual celebration of capitalism’s total takeover of indie rock. Deadline is 2 PM on Thursday, July 16.