Must resist buying now: “From Diversity to Unity is a community study of settlement and adaptation of Southern and Appalachian migrants to the neighborhood of Uptown Chicago. Oral histories, community newspapers, and secondary sources reveal the human experience of urban migration.” (via Uptown History; h/t Tina) At $55 I was hoping the CPL would have it, but no dice.

My family goes back in Appalachia since (IIRC) the late 1700s or early 1800s; my mom did postgrad studies in storytelling and was involved in Appalachian Studies at her university for most of my life. So it’s a thing for me.

My little contribution to Uptown Appalachian Studies is “Norma Lee Browning vs. the Hillbillies,” which recounts a nine-part series in the Chicago Tribune that began with the classic headline “Girl Reporter Roams Thru Hillbilly Jungles of Chicago.” That story ignited a hailstorm of protest and follow-up articles about the Appalachian community in Chicago, which was considered a terrible threat; the dynamics will be familiar to anyone who’s followed the much more prominent history of African-Americans in Chicago. It’s utterly fascinating.