I wouldn’t quote Sam Smith so much if anyone else had as many ideas.

“Military and marketing are both things Americans pride themselves in,” he wrote the other day, which made him wonder, “What if we had reacted after 9/11 more like a corporation facing a consumer rebellion than as an army trying to eliminate the enemy?

“Instead we have done absolutely nothing to reduce the ‘profound hatred of U.S. citizens’ by Muslims and much to increase it, all in the name of something called the war on terror. And we’re not just talking about Republicans. Both the Democrats and the media has gone along with a military approach and won’t even discuss alternatives in any serious manner.

“But wars are there to be won and I haven’t met anyone who expects Osama bin Laden or other guerilla leaders ever to show up on the deck of the contemporary version of the USS Missouri to sign the terms of surrender. Come to think of it that was over 60 years ago and nobody important has been able to do it since.

“The truth is, though nobody talks about it much, countries like the US don’t win wars anymore unless the enemy is so small it doesn’t count. In fact, the most striking thing about wars is that they simply don’t work the way they used to.”

Read the whole thing.