• Go Make Babies: it’s a long-term strategy.

When it launched a few weeks ago, WBEZ’s new ad campaign was called “saucy” by the New York Times, which is a solid indication of one specific kind of inoffensiveness it represents; the Times probably thinks Fruit of the Loom ads are “saucy,” too. The station was reported to have paid $400,000 to the ad agency Xi Chicago, part of BBDO and Proximity Worldwide, for the pleasure of a campaign you’ll be seeing on billboards, taxis, and buses, as well as in a full-page ad in the current Reader. (I’m going to find out if this is one of those in-kind deals and if we can see about getting some audio of these goats yelling like people on the radio.) Slogans, which limn the intersection of pretension and procreation, include:

“We Want Listeners Tomorrow. Go Make Babies Today.”

“Do It. [ed. note: You know. It.] For Chicago.”

“Hey Interesting People, get a room already. And then put a crib in it.”

“Interesting People Make Interesting People.”

As far as sex in marketing is concerned, this isn’t particularly hot stuff, even by the standards of public radio, or for that matter by the standards of the Times. When the campaign launched, the media response was, if not positive, at least titillated for no good reason; but on the social media, where ‘BEZ is also aiming the campaign, responses seemed a little more vituperative, and not just from single people and homosexuals.