“‘I found that pitchers from the South are not more likely in general to hit batters,’ [Tennessee Tech prof Thomas] Timmerman said in a telephone interview, ‘but they are much more likely to hit batters after giving up a home run, or after a teammate has gotten hit the previous half-inning.’

“But why? In Timmerman’s paper, published earlier this year in the Journal of Applied Psychology, he theorized it went back to old theories about the ‘culture of honor’ that pervades in the South.”

How’d Faulkner put it? The past isn’t dead, it isn’t even past?

As a southerner, I think this is not a statistical anomaly. But beaning someone after a home run seems to me to represent a rather debased form of southern honor. I don’t think Robert E. Lee would have plunked a guy for going yard.

(h/t Sam)