About 99 percent of the pitches I get from publicists are little more than annoying reminders of how many shitty-to-mediocre bands there are and how many of them can afford a publicist. But every once in a while they can inspire you to go back and listen again to something you may have dismissed too quickly or just didn’t get.

My latest experience with this phenomenon is We Are Wolves, whose recent Total Magique I pretty much dismissed out of hand, probably because their previous full-length didn’t do much for me and on the cursory listen I gave to the new one nothing really popped. But after getting e-mails from like five different people to preview their show tonight at the Funky Buddha–and after getting another copy of the record, this time on marbled vinyl–I went back and discovered that I’d been totally wrong. Magique is an album-length riot of dirty electro injected into dirtier garage rock and I can’t believe I didn’t get hooked on it the first time around. Anyone interested in getting completely buck wild should put tonight’s show on their agenda.