Even as a prestigious-university-educated, alt-weekly-web-editing, indie-concert-going, Intelligentsia-sipping snooty urban elitist, when I see Eric Zorn write “she said ‘EYE-rack,’ ‘EYE-ran’ and ‘IM-ported oil,’ which grated on my ear,” it gets my dander up. I don’t know if I say IM-ported, but I do say IN-surance and UM-brella and “awl” for “oil” when I’m not being careful because that’s how everyone around me pronounced those words for the first 18 years of my life.

And when I’m being careful, I feel traitorious. Jason Isbell explains it better than me in “Outfit.” 

In other news, I’m waiting on someone to hire Jay Smooth and/or Ben to write for a major metropolitan daily.