No ones beefing about this Goldberg.
  • No one’s beefing about this Goldberg.

I jumped at the opportunity to contribute to Local Artist Week because one of Chicago’s liveliest ongoing controversies turns on what to do with a problematic piece of local art.

Inconveniently, it is also a piece of architecture.

What do we do with a master’s lesser works? If it’s a book we don’t read it. If it’s a painting, we let it hang on the gallery walls of a tiny liberal arts college in Ohio. But if it’s a building, we live with it, we put a new face on it, or we tear it down.

A little cosmetic surgery can work wonders, for instance turning this:

Chicago Historic Society, 1970s
  • Chicago Historical Society, 1970s

into this:

Chicago HIstorical Museum, these days
  • Chicago History Museum, these days

But that’s no way to treat a master. Genius would rather be spurned than suffer rewrite.