I led off a recent post on journalism’s hottest new cliche with a link to a sharp critique of Creative Loafing Inc., which owns the Reader, and of its CEO, Ben Eason. The critique was written by a former CLI senior editor, John Sugg.

A senior writer at the Creative Loafing paper in Atlanta responded quickly to Sugg. Here’s what Mara Shalhoup had to say.

Shalhoup faults Sugg for not making it clear that “he’d lost money as a result of what he described as [Eason’s] ‘erratic and impetuous’ managerial style.’ … Sugg did disclose in the column that he’s a Creative Loafing Inc. shareholder, but he didn’t outright state that Eason’s supposed missteps were a blow to his own finances — or that he might harbor anger toward Eason because of that financial hit.”

But of course Sugg is losing money. He’s a shareholder in a company in bankruptcy. Anyone would understand he’s taking a financial blow and might be ticked about it. Sugg makes his emotional investment in his old employer clear.