In the late 1990s era of no-logo vogue, cultural commentators fretted that the once-democratic medium of the T-shirt had been co-opted by corporations, and that T-shirt buyers were concerned only with raising the planet’s Hilfiger consciousness and saving the FUBUs. “The slogans on contemporary T-shirts are increasingly meaningless,” the novelist and columnist Russell Smith observed in The Globe and Mail in 2000. “Most of them are simply the brand name of the T-shirt itself.”

From an interesting essay on T-shirt sloganeering. If Richard Posner and his colleagues are going to insist that suffering unclever intolerance (“It’s so tepid,” said Posner. “It’s just a pun because gay once meant happy. It’s a joke.”) in the defense of liberty is no vice, I see a tremendous business opportunity in an all-ideologies sloganeer Threadless clone. At least then our homophobes will be better dressed. Here’s my humble suggestion.