I read a lot of shrill, uncivil left-wing blogs. All of them are pissed about yesterday’s inevitable If the Scoot Stays Mute, You Must Commute announcement. 

I was genuinely surprised, however, to find the most extreme reaction coming from the local franchise of the -ist national blog chain. They’re calling for revolution.

“In many ways, this is just a symptom of the death of the American Presidency, an institution first diagnosed with a deadly cancer in the Nixon years, and upgraded to terminal N-stage in 1994. With the current state of national politics in this nation, we find ourselves thinking again of Thomas Jefferson, the thoughtful founder of American liberty, and a man steeped in perpetual personal conflict. . . .”

Meanwhile, the Douchebag of Liberty, on the advice of his lawyers, phones in a dull book report of a column (h/t Jon Stewart & Brian).