• “Loom”

About two years ago, Maps & Atlases guitarist Erin Elders showed me a handful of songs he’d been working on with his new band Wedding Dress, an indie-rock side project that had come to fruition during his main group’s downtime. Maps & Atlases are a band that are known for playing indie-pop music with serious technical and mathy leaning, incorporating polyrhythms and syncopated tapped guitar work to create something that walks the line between shreddy and catchy. The first thing you’ll notice about Wedding Dress, though, is exactly how far removed from Maps & Atlases it is. The band has been recording constantly since its inception, putting all of its work up on Bandcamp, and tomorrow night Elders and the rest of the guys celebrate the release of their first official vinyl seven-inch, “Loom” b/w “Heavy Earth,” out on Washington D.C. label Lovitt Records (who’ve also put out material from local rock duo Redgrave).

The new songs on the single show a huge amount of growth over the past couple years, but still work in pretty, mellow confines. It’s patiently paced indie rock with almost folky flourishes. Pretty, airy guitar and simple electric piano swirl around beautiful, sophisticated, mournful vocal harmonies. It almost feels like something that would come from a laid-back moment off of a Neil Young record. You can hear both of the single’s excellent tracks below.

Wedding Dress plays tomorrow night at Empty Bottle at 9:30 PM. Jenny Hval headlines, Mark McGuire also opens.