Progressivism is where you find it: the antigay bigots at Operation Rescue/Operation Save America are boycotting Wal-Mart for joining the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. And Wal-Mart is starting to enforce European Union’s stringent laws against toxic chemicals on its own suppliers.

I have a total crush on the Nietszche Family Circus.

From Rate Your Students: “I got a frantic e-mail this evening from a student in my mid-level undergrad course.  She just now realized — nine weeks into the term — that she took and completed this same course last year.  It’s exactly the same course, with the same title and course number, the same textbook, and the same assignments.  She wrote that she ‘didn’t know’ that she had taken the course before. I’m sure she didn’t know, because she’s been too busy playing Tetris on her cellphone.”

“In Las Vegas, it’s now illegal for one person to give food to another person who’s ‘indigent.’ If you’re walking along with a sandwich and you don’t want any more of it, you’ll be arrested if you give the rest of it to a poor person.” (Hat tip to Newsweek via Bring It On!)