I actually know someone who’d be delighted to send a postcard made largely of dried squid—and according to Pink Tentacle, such objects may now be available from Susami, Wakayama prefecture, Japan.

The avatar of Chicago’s Seventh Circuit Federal Appellate Court Judge Richard Posner will be interviewed on Second Life December 7 about his new book, Not A Suicide Pact, according to Wagner James Au at New World Notes. Maybe Judge Posner can get on the Supreme Court there.

Chicago lawyering is being increasingly offshored, writes Moushumi Anand in the Chi-Town Daily News, with the help of firms like Mindcrest (“a pioneer in legal outsourcing since 2001”). “An outsourcing firm in India charges between $25 and $90 an hour for work done by a attorney. Similar work done by an attorney in the United States can cost between $120 and 250.

Too much spare time? News Trust has a brand-new site where you can nominate, read, and evaluate news stories— a kind of social bookmarking site with a side of journalism critique. (Hat tip to Dan Gillmor at the Center for Citizen Media.)