One thing nonprofit groups can learn from business, according to Chicago nonprofit veteran Paul Botts over at dot-org: Set priorities and mean it. No more strategic plans that declare “ten top priorities (half of which begin ‘Address issues of…’).”

You totally owe it to yourself to check out these monster tricycles. (Hat tip to Mental Floss.)

Gabe at Buffalo Rising (that’s the Buffalo in New York) idolizes Chicago neighborhood architecture, sort of: “The architecture itself of these new-builds is usually rather bland and uninspiring — typically consisting half-baked historic copycat styles. But the real success is in the proportions, site planning, and density of these new structures.” (Hat tip to Planetizen.)

The ever-vigilant University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is on to the horror of equine obesity.

Never be rude. “One year at a conference, I was at a social-professional event, and asked the organizer if there was anything to drink besides beer. He smirked and said to me ‘If you don’t like beer, you should get out of here,’ then turned his back. When he arrived in my office a few weeks later as a candidate for a faculty position (I was on the search committee), he was very uncomfortable talking to me.” (More tales of terror at Science + Professor + Woman = Me.)