Slog takes a look at the afterlife, version 2.0: “Relatives of the fantastically named Hyman Victor connected his tombstone via satellite to his real immortal resting place — several Internet sites with information about his life and family.”

Sure you want to write a blank check for the Olympics? Ask London about 2012. Lynne Kiesling of Northwestern University, writing at Knowledge Problem, has Friedmanesque thoughts about why Chicago should fear 2016.

Fred Clark at Slacktivist reads the Left Behind books so we don’t have to, complete with their “weird disconnect . . .   absence of consequences, [and]  . . .  apathy and incuriosity toward the victims of the story.”

The last and best 2006 election maps: from Hodas & Associates via Rich Miller, maps of Illinois, Cook County, and suburban races. From Mark Newman via the Swamp, cartograms of congressional races nationwide, with districts sized by population rather than land area.

Strange Maps knows that, in DVD world, Guyana, South Africa, and Japan are in the same place.

Jimmy Carter makes what would be called a gaffe if he were running for office (IOW, he states the obvious but unsayable truth): “There’s no open debate in this country if it involves any criticism of the policies of the Israeli government, even though many people in Israel debate and condemn some of the policies of the right wing governments under Sharon and Netanyahu and others.” The question is, why?