Bye-bye, Weekend Nachos Credit: Courtesy the artist

Just over a year ago, punishing local powerviolence unit Weekend Nachos celebrated their tenth anniversary with a packed gig at Beat Kitchen, but they enter 2016 with some very different news—they’re breaking up. On New Year’s Day, they posted to Facebook: “We would like to announce with both sadness and excitement that 2016 will be the final year as a band for Weekend Nachos. It’s been almost 12 years and we have decided to hang it up.” The message was accompanied by a slew of tour dates that will take them around the globe a couple more times before they call it quits. 

“We collectively just felt it was time to hang it up,” explains Nachos singer and sole constant member John Hoffman. “We’ve been together almost 12 years now, and we’ve just done so much—after a certain amount of time things start to slow down naturally.” He also made it clear that the members are parting ways on good terms, not splitting because of interpersonal tension. “Some bands last a few months; some bands last over 25 years. We lasted for 12,” he says.

Weekend Nachos’ sound is rooted in explosive shifts between breakneck stomps and atom-bomb dirges (punctuated by the occasional Weezer cover), and Hoffman delivers twisted, self-loathing lyrics in a tortured, inhuman grunt. As well as making those farewell tours, the band will release an eardrum-crushing parting gift: “We’re working on our fifth and final full-length album right now,” says Hoffman. “It’s called Apology, and we will be recording it next month. It’s some of our heaviest and most brutal material to date, so I think it will be a very nice way to go out.” Like the band’s previous three LPs, Apology will be issued by the metal monsters at Relapse Records.

That won’t be the last you hear from the Weekend Nachos dudes, though: “We will definitely remain active in music, forever probably,” Hoffman says. Everyone in the group is busy in the underground heavy-music community: guitarist Andy Nelson, who works as an engineer and runs Bricktop Recording, plays in hardcore outfit Like Rats with Nachos bassist Drew Brown; Hoffman also plays drums for grindcore band Spine, and just started a new doom-metal project called Ledge.

“We are sad to see a huge part of our lives end, but we are also pretty excited to call it a day and move on to other things. Weekend Nachos was a band we never expected to last beyond just a demo tape or maybe one silly show, and we ended up releasing five LPs, touring Europe five times, Japan twice, and the United States more times than I can count,” says Hoffman. “We also made an absurd amount of friends and managed to even piss off a lot of worthless idiots. I think we’re all pretty happy with our run.”

The band has tour dates booked through mid-October, and they include trips to the east coast, Japan, southeast Asia, and England. Then they’ll say their good-byes with one final hometown blowout, details of which are yet to be settled. 

“Playing music and touring the world is truly a privilege, and we tried to get everything we could out of our time together,” Hoffman says. “Instead of being rock stars and trying to make money, we just hung out with our friends and played silly music. That’s all that matters.”

Below you can check out a video from “S.C.A.B.” (from Weekend Nachos’ latest LP, 2013’s Still). Stay tuned for details on the band’s final show.