Weezer Nachos
  • Weezer Nachos

It’s no secret that a lot of crap is put out as “exclusive Record Store Day releases.” So leave it to brutal powerviolence four-piece Weekend Nachos to issue something worthwhile and hilarious on the fully overblown holiday. Last Saturday, Boston-based Run for Cover Records released the Weezer Nachos seven-inch, and as the name suggests, it features the superheavy band covering two Weezer classics. I was expecting them to take on the songs in their usual, crushing style, but they instead turn out completely faithful renditions. Guitarist Andy Nelson sings the songs “Tired of Sex” from Pinkerton and “In the Garage” from the Weezer’s 1994 self-titled debut, and when things really pick up he ends up sounding a whole lot like Rivers Cuomo. The only hugely recognizable difference on these tracks is that the guitar tones are really, really heavy. Check out the two covers below.