• Still

Local powerviolence band Weekend Nachos, who have been punishing listeners with their brutal heavy metal for the past ten years, are about a month away from releasing their new Relapse LP, Still. They’ve made a couple of tracks available on their Bandcamp page, and as expected, they’re wild ones. Weekend Nachos started off in DeKalb as a kind of lo-fi, hardcore-leaning grind group, and have managed to get progressively heavier and scarier with each release; the new tracks, “S.C.A.B.” and “Satan Sucker,” prove that this direction is still the case. These devastatingly heavy tracks showcase a decade of growth, seamlessly switching from doomy sludge to crusty D-beat to groovy hardcore more times in their combined three minutes than I can keep track of. And don’t be fooled by the name: while “Weekend Nachos” sounds like something a junior high slacker might name his band, these guys are actually supersharp musicians who can craft truly exciting songs crammed full of erratic starts and stops, intense vocal trade-offs, and blinding drum fills. It’s great to hear one of Chicago’s hardest and heaviest only getting harder and heavier.

Weekend Nachos play Cobra Lounge tomorrow night, where they’ll be providing direct support for Florida death-metal legends Obituary. Also opening are Maryland grindcore band Strong Intention and local sludgy metal act Jar’d Loose, just to ensure that most extreme metal subgenres are represented. Should be an epic night. Next up for the band is an east-coast tour kicking off on Fri 11/8, three days before the release of Still.

Hear “S.C.A.B.” and “Satan Sucker” after the jump.

You can preorder Still from Relapse Records.