• Dottie Day

This weekend in the New York Times Magazine: both John Jeremiah Sullivan on Venus and Serena Williams and Jon Mooallem on . . . a rogue macaque that’s eluded authorities in Tampa, Florida, for three and a half years and counting. The latter piece concludes with Moallem musing on whether the monkey portends some kind of Planet of the Apes-type situation; after you read that (and you should), consider another long read about the coming war between humankind and the animals: “Violence of the Lambs,” a 2008 GQ article that also happens to be by John Jeremiah Sullivan, a writer of broad interests and crazy skill. It’s about the increasing frequency and scope of animal attacks on humans around the planet, and it has—oddly for a piece of journalism—an insanely weird, surprise-twist ending.

Also consider watching this video of a baby monkey riding a small pig: