Nacho Libre

  • Nacho Libre

In case you weren’t aware, the next major holiday Americans will celebrate is not Christmas but, in fact, Thanksgiving, the continually maligned second-to-last Thursday of every November dedicated to eating and football and napping. I’ve always been a fan of Thanksgiving—those who know me are well aware of how much I enjoy eating, watching football, and taking naps—even as it’s devoured (no pun intended) by the consumerist fervor that accompanies the holiday season. As a matter of fact, a couple friends of mine both claim to have family members who forgo Thanksgiving dinner in favor of getting an extra, extra early spot in line for Black Friday. If the pilgrims could only see us now . . .

Anyway, I figure this is the perfect opportunity to share the five films for which I’m most thankful. These movies, for various reasons, shaped my relationship to cinema in profound ways. Check them out after the jump.