How bad to you want to see My Chemical Romance? They’re playing Thursday, but you can’t just go online and buy a ticket. You have to work for it. You have to want it. According to the House of Blues’ Web site, getting in requires the following:

Fans will be allowed to line up starting at 8am (no earlier). The first 1,100 people in line will be wristbanded and all others will be sent home. After 3 PM wristbanded fans can come to the HOB Box Office to purchase a ticket. Only people with wristbands will be allow to purchase one (1) ticket. They must be wearing the wristband AND have a ticket for admission into the show.

If you want to be one of the first 1,100 people in line on Thursday, you should probably head down there sometime around now. Take some blankets, a couple boxes of Fruit Roll-Ups, and something that can be used as a crude weapon once society’s laws break down and the line turns into something like a mascara-caked Lord of the Flies. I’m willing to bet it takes about four hours for that to happen.

MCR’s new album, The Black Parade, drops tomorrow and it is probably the most epic, fantastically overwrought, and self-indulgent album of the year. It makes Queen look subtle in comparison. But you wouldn’t know about that yet would you, Little Miss BitTorrent?