This weekend the New York Times ran a profile of current “it girl” Alexa Chung, one of those people with a long list of glamorous job titles (model, TV host, designer, and muse). Although the Times acknowledged that she’s not nearly as famous in the U.S. as in her native England, for anyone in either country who regularly reads fashion magazines or blogs, she’s already very much a known quantity.

Certainly Chung seems to have real style (she doesn’t use a stylist, a rarity among celebrities these days), but what she wears is a relatively low-key mix of designer items, vintage, and fast-fashion. It’s not that much different from how most stylish people dress these days, which she even admits in the article (“‘A lot of my friends dress like this, and so I feel somewhat bad about how I’ve made a career out of it'”) Let’s face it: a big part of her appeal is that she’s tall, thin, and beautiful, and thus was eligible for swift admittance to a very elite club of insiders.