Homer Glen in Will County relies on Lake Michigan water, but the supply comes from a German-owned firm. Locals say there’s a lot more than water going down the drain.


[Homer Glen mayor] Jim Daley says residents pay about three times more than those in neighboring communities. He said Illinois-American Water Co. offers the same explanation.

The privatization of Chicago’s water system got floated as what I assumed was a trial balloon – or just another random mayoral emanation – in Da Mare’s sitdown with the Sun-Times editorial board (IIRC; can’t find it r/n, unfortunately). But apparently there’s more buzz out there about the idea. Given the parking meter fiasco, the city’s underwhelming Olympic pitch, the recent increase in property taxes, the increased aldermanic pushback as evidenced by this week’s cover story, and the mayor’s historically low approval ratings, I can’t imagine it actually happening, but as a wise man once said, two is a trend. Bears watching.