Pest control company Orkin just published its annual list of the country’s most bedbug-infested cities, and Chicago comes in at number two for the second year in a row. It’s one of the few cities that didn’t change spots, along with Cincinnati (number one) and Denver (number four). I’m a little skeptical that this is an accurate representation of how many bedbug infestations there actually are in each city, for the same reasons I gave in a story I wrote about bedbugs in January: the data behind the rankings hasn’t been published, and it could fluctuate depending on how much business the company does in any given city (they could be more popular in Cincinnati, say, than New York—which is number nine). LA climbed to fifth from 19th last year, and Dallas is up from 29th place to seventh. But Orkin’s competitor Terminix rated Chicago fourth in the U.S. for infestations last year, so it’s entirely possible that our city is one of the most bedbug-ridden in the country.