I usually have way too many new things to listen to or assignments that require me to dig deep into the work of a specific artist to spend much time listening to the radio. But if I had more, I’d have my dial (or more accurately, my browser) permanently set to WFMU, the brilliant freeform station in northern New Jersey. There are a lot of fantastic shows on the station, but I think the one that most pleases my sprawling aesthetic is Give the Drummer Some, which airs every Friday from 8 to 11 AM Chicago time. Host Doug Schulkind regularly stumps me with his choices, which are often obscure, but never just for obscurity’s sake. One thing I like about his show is his enthusiasm: you can hear it in every segue.

He’s now taking his desire to share his discoveries with listeners a step further. Earlier today he posted to the great WFMU blog something called Mining the Audio Motherlode, Vol. 1, the first in a proposed series of links to music he’s recently found on the Web. His first choices are unsurprisingly excellent.

Today’s playlist:

Justo Betancourt, Lo Sabemos (Fania)
Agathe Max, This Silver String (Xeric)
Conference Call, Poetry in Motion (Clean Feed)
Mulatu Astatqe, Mulatu of Ethiopia (Worthy)
Kenny & Amanda Smith Band, Live and Learn (Rebel)