Wham City Comedy Credit: Travis Marshall

The latest viral video to take over Adult Swim’s 2 AM slot (home of such disturbing classics as The Salad Mixxxer and Too Many Cooks) is This House Has People in It, an 11-minute horror-comedy short shot on surveillance video cameras. It’s the work of Wham City Comedy, a three-man Baltimore group who create nonsensical multimedia anticomedy with a dark twist. 

Ben O’Brien, Robby Rackleff, and Alan Resnick specialize in the type of content that is meant to be paired with a marijuana haze and a bag of Cheetos—it’s impossible to look away from a video like Unedited Footage of a Bear at 4 AM after a round of bong hits. That particular short combines Shyamalan-esque horror tropes with the ridiculous narratives of commercials for allergy medication: as a woman chases a bloody clone of herself through empty suburban streets, soft music plays and medical side effects scroll across the bottom of the screen.

Aside from their absurdist video work, the group have collaborated with semifamous figures such as musician Dan Deacon and artist Dina Kelberman for live multimedia performances that feature a blend of stand-up, solo character sketches, and pretaped interactive video segments. Fittingly, Wham City Comedy will be joined by some of the strangest, most hilarious local talent for their Chicago show, including Clickhole’s Fran Hoepfner and comic Goodrich Gevaart.­ 

Wham City Comedy
Sat 4/2, 7:30 PM, Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia, whamcitycomedy.com, 21+, $8.