If you’re not already aware, many of the kids these days are listening to something called “drag” music or alternately “witch house.” The latter term captures the heavy dance-goth influence on the micro-genre but the former better describes the techniques picked up from chopped & screwed Houston rap music for slowing, stretching, and deepening music until it sounds like you’re hearing it from the other end of a bottle of cough syrup. (Neither sufficiently gets at how bananas it is to put goth and Houston hip-hop together like that.)

In related news, Hans Zimmer’s chilling, thunderous Inception theme was revealed to be a slowed down version of an Edith Piaf song.

So slowing things down is kind of a thing this summer. Enter the adventurous remixer behind the below version of Justin Bieber’s “U Smile,” who stretched the song (without altering its pitch) to an impressive eight times its original length. It sounds like a Justin Bieber song being pulled through the singularity inside a black hole, and it turns out that that sounds really incredible: