Last time, we told you that “May 22 will be here sooner than you think.” Well—it’s here: the last day voting is open in our annual Best of Chicago poll! The deadline is midnight tonight, so start filling out your ballots if you haven’t already. At our Best of Chicago ballot you can vote on Best Underground Art Space, Best Place for a New El Stop, and Best Place to Get Married. At any point you can stop, save your ballot from your phone or computer, and sign back in later wherever you left off. We figure that with 264 categories—from Best Suburb to Best Sex Shop—you might need to make several trips (and perhaps rethink certain choices if, say, you encounter a taco even more transcendent than the one you thought couldn’t be topped). But make sure to do all your thinking and rethinking soon, before the polls close.

There’s one category you won’t find on the ballot. Like last year, we’re asking you to vote for Chicago’s Best Chicagoan to Follow on Twitter . . . on Twitter. Tweet your suggestions using the hashtag #boctwitterer. The deadline for that category is the same as the ballot, so tweet away!

Apropos of nothing, here’s a 14-year-old girl owning Eddie Van Halen’s solo on “Eruption.”