Over at Chicago’s Best Blogs I weighed in on a couple of my favorite local blogs, but today I discovered a new favorite via Archinect: Design Dissent. It’s an informal (in the best way) discussion blog from the Architecture, Interior Architecture and Designed Objects department at the School of the Art Institute, and is pretty much just students and faculty sounding off about whatever pops into their heads (recently, Bruce Mau and sustainability):

“The way sustainability is practiced in the US and Europe seems worse than lying, its more akin to feel good religion: green roofs on one hand and then a nice drive across the landscape in the summer Hummer on weekends. Incidentally, I’m convinced that the super-stretch Hummer is a green vehicle: twenty passengers in a single hot tub with one V-8 powering the whole shebang, that’s got to be better than twenty nasty little Priuses jamming up the freeways going home for twenty twenty minute showers.”

It seems to have been precipitated by some internal controversy that I’m not privy to, and it’s entirely possible that they’ll work it out and the blog will no longer be necessary. I hope not–it’s really compelling.