• You’re the best, around, nothing’s ever going to keep you down

On Wednesday the Reader will publish its annual Best of Chicago issue. Therefore, it’s fitting that this week’s edition of Variations on a Theme is an exploration of the meaning of “best.”

Over the past few months, we dug into the deepest pockets of the city to put together a Best of Chicago issue that gives a comprehensive yet unusual map of Chicago. But in our microscopic quest to cover all the ground we could, we didn’t always have the opportunity, as a staff, to survey the Best of Chicago in a big-picture way. This week will be all about exploring what “best” really means, a wide-screen view of a specific term.

Also, starting Wednesday at 6:30 AM, we’ll be rolling out select Best of Chicago winners throughout the day on Twitter, in anticipation of the full issue going live online at midnight. But we’re letting you decide what winners you want to see. Go to Twitter, our Facebook page, or right here in the comments section and let us know which winners you’d like to see before the issue comes out.

And we’re not just focused on the best . . . stay tuned for Worst Week.