Coudal’s Field Notes are getting beaten by Moleskine in Lifehacker’s* Battle of the Designer Notebooks, and they request your votes. I can’t yet speak to Field Notes in practice, though I will get them shortly for winning Cover Me . But my advice to Coudal is: play dirty. The whole “Hemingway/Picasso used Moleskine” thing is a lie. A damned lie! Have you left no sense of decency, Moleskine?

[I hate to admit it, but the Chronotebook and the keyring notebooks look pretty sweet.]

*A super-advanced version Trib‘s late, lamented “Ask Jim” and a welcome respite from the usual gadget chasing. Stuff like Getting Things Done apps, desktop gadgets, secret candy codes, darkening Windows to reduce eyestrain; great stuff. It’s the best site in the Gawker empire and a must-read.

PS: Full disclosure. I’m a fan of newsprint notebooks. The Target “notes” notebooks are also pretty handy.