• Jennifer Moran
  • Garlic mustard sponge

This week in Omnivorous I wrote about the culinary applications of the invasive weed known as garlic mustard. Almost two weeks ago I collected about ten pounds of the stuff, which I used to make salads, pesto, fritattas, and Rick Bayless’s pipian. I’ve barely put a dent in it, leading me to conclude that there’s just no way that eating it is going to come close to eradicating it. Still, it’s fun to play with, as the estimable Mike Ryan discovered in our new drinks feature Cocktail Challenge.

Forager, gardener, and chef Iliana Reagan likes to play around with it too. She makes a garlic mustard and gelatin based “sponge” almost exactly like the sunflower stem-arugula one pictured above. (That’s plated, by the way, with goat milk and sunflower stem sorbets, lavender honey, and saffron-lemon gel). Regan was good enough to send along the recipe, as well as one for garlic mustard compound butter for fish and steak and braised garlic mustard with roasted garlic, which can be applied to bruschetta or pierogies. Check them out after the jump.