I was a little harsh on Jamie XX in my Soundboard write-up of his sold-out show this Thursday night at Concord Hall—my issue is mostly with his recorded music, which tends to dampen many of the spiky or subversive elements of electronic music. I still recommended the show for two reasons: his lava-hot set at this summer’s Pitchfork Music Festival, and his excellent taste as a DJ and remixer. On Thursday night you might hear Jamie XX play stuff from his records, but you’ll probably also hear some other people’s records that he will mix into his set. 

Depending on your preference, it’s either annoying or the point of it all to not know what music the DJ plays during a set. But rather than have to awkwardly approach the DJ to find out whatever great track it is you’re listening to, Jamie XX just throws a bunch of his favorites onto a playlist for you to discover for yourself (which is also a service for people who miss his performances entirely). “Played by Jamie XX” is a constantly updated playlist of tracks he plays out—some of it is his own production and remix work, but there’s plenty of other stuff as well, from contemporary dance music to stuff as far-fetched as the Durutti Column. Speaking of the Durutti Column, that’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track: “Otis,” from the 1989 album Vini Reilly. It’s a song I’d never heard before encountering it in this playlist, and it’s a gorgeous tune featuring Reilly’s characteristically sun-speckled guitar playing and an emotionally resonant sample of, presumably, an Otis Redding tune. Who knows? Maybe Jamie XX will play it at some point on Thursday night.