• Stan Brakhage’s Anticipation of the Night screens tomorrow at the Film Center.

I’m excited to hear Reader writer emeritus Fred Camper introduce a program of four avant-garde classics at the Film Center tomorrow at 6 PM. The screening marks the last of Camper’s three-month film-and-lecture series on American cinema of the 1950s, which has provided me plenty of food for thought. Some of the works in the series, like Rebel Without a Cause, are revived fairly often, but Camper has a way of making any movie seem new. A noted scholar of experimental film, Camper talks about movies with an emphasis on universal formal properties—focal lengths, the arrangement of objects within a frame, editing patterns, and so on—which has the effect of making every film seem like an experimental film. (When he introduced Some Came Running a few weeks ago, he compared Vincente Minnelli’s mise-en-scene to a Marshall Field’s window display, encouraging the audience to approach the movie without expectations of realism.) It should be a treat to hear him expound on his area of expertise.