“We need to change the hearts, minds, values and behavior of Americans toward a culture of conservation.”

That’s not Al Gore or even Mayor Daley talking. It’s John Hofmeister, president of Shell Oil Co., who added that debating the science of climate change is a “waste of time,” and that it’s time for action instead. “The nation needs a public policy.” 

Whether Shell is putting enough money where its mouth is, I don’t know. (A relevant piece of their Web site; they’re in deep weeds in Nigeria.) But if Hofmeister was greenwashing, he picked a funny place to do it. He was giving a breakfast talk in Saint Louis, at

–sorry, I just fell on the floor laughing and drooling on myself–

Washington University’s Weidenbaum Center on the Economy, Government and Public Policy.  Founded as the Center for the Study of American Business, the center features publications that study the costs of federal regulation. It’s so “nonpartisan” that it never gets around to studying the benefits of federal regulation.

What funnier place to showcase the fact that corporate leaders are far ahead of conservatives and libertarians–let alone the current Keystone Kops administration–in thinking about the country’s real problems?  Including, perhaps, the possibility that regulation might be part of a solution?

(Hat tip to Treehugger.)