Things have been so hectic the past couple of weeks that I just haven’t been able to squeeze in any time to bag super hard on the new Girl Talk album, Feed the Animals. Lucky for me Hipster Runoff has stepped up to handle the situation.

I’ll never forget the first time I heard Girl Talk. One of my altest bros sent me the CD. He couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard Girl Talk yet. He was like “U HAVEN’T HEARD NIGHT RIPPER? IT’S FCKNG AMAZING, BRAH?” We had a party to attend later that night, and instead of pre-partying with faggie electro, we decided to hear some wacky mashups. I saw my alt-bro’s eyes light up as he exclaimed, “OMG. Is that James Taylor? This R0X0RZ!”

For my birthday I would really like it if everyone read that post and then never talked about Girl Talk ever, ever again. My birthday is in February but I don’t think that should matter.