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If you’re like many of us–too busy or lazy to pack a brown bag, been toiling in the same neighborhood for years now–you might spend as much as $20 bucks a day on food on the job. What are the lunch options you return to time and time again? If you respond to this poll, please say what neighborhood you work in.

I’ll start: the Reader offices are in what real estate types have referred to as North Bridge since around the time Nordstrom opened. I rely rather heavily on the cafe inside Nordstrom, especially in the winter, when the trek to L’Appetito or Whole Foods seems daunting. Right now my favorite is the salmon nicoise–a nice chunk of warm cooked-to-order fish on greens with typical savory/salty nicoise ingredients. Once, and only once, I went over and they had a special of buttermilk-fried chicken with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and lightly cooked carrots; I’ve asked about it since and been told that it was a one-off and that one-offs are sort of frowned on by corporate. Meanwhile, in the food court down the hall, you can get old-fashioned spaghetti and meatballs and a substantial side salad (read: iceberg lettuce with carrot shavings in the same size container as their other salads) at Tuscany for about $10. 

What about you?