• Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun!

If I have one complaint about Facets’ exceptional Lucian Pintilie retrospective (which continues through Sunday), it’s that the series, at ten days, doesn’t last long enough. Of course, this isn’t Facets’ fault: theaters rarely get to keep traveling prints for much time. But given the consistency of the five Pintilies I’ve seen this week, I worry these films will run together in mind since I’ve seen them in such close proximity to each other. Pintilie is one of those directors—like Yasujiro Ozu, Russ Meyer, or David Cronenberg, to name the first examples that come to mind—so loyal to his worldview that his films play as variations on a personal theme. That’s fine by me, so long as the theme’s interesting enough, but I have trouble returning to filmmakers like these (even Meyer, I’m sad to say) more than once a month. “To think about one thing clearly, you have to think about something else,” says a character in Godard’s In Praise of Love; I think this is a good approach to appreciating movies.