Andy Lau (left) goes flower shopping in Tokyo.

  • Andy Lau (left) goes flower shopping in Tokyo.

If you haven’t made it to River East to see Ann Hui’s A Simple Life (a movie I can’t stop writing about), you don’t have much time left: it ends its run tomorrow afternoon. On the bright side, Hui’s directed about two dozen other features, and quite a few are available for rental. The other day I found that Facets Multimedia had a VHS copy of her Zodiac Killers, a 1991 feature cowritten by Nien-Jen Wu, a major figure of the Taiwanese New Wave who also wrote for Edward Yang (That Day, On the Beach) and Hou Hsiao-Hsien (A City of Sadness, The Puppet Master). Like Simple Life, this stars Andy Lau at his most introverted and contains numerous insider references to Hong Kong filmmaking. The obvious comparisons pretty much end there, as Zodiac is a melodramatic action movie in the John Woo fashion where Simple Life is a quiet human drama. Yet the films complement each other nicely when seen in tandem.