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So when the Klaxons came out last year with their “neo-rave” thing and all of these people — mostly British and way too easily excited — started predicting the revival of rave culture that would follow, I was pretty skeptical. Their music doesn’t actually sound like the music they played at raves, and they basically came out and admitted that the neo-rave bit was basically them taking the piss. Which is why the apparent actual revival of rave culture — and rave sounds — that’s happening now is freaking me out kind of bad.

Thanks to Timbaland and Danjahandz‘s work on Justin Timberlake’s “My Love,” way trancey synth parts are the new hotness in hip-hop and R & B production. And thanks, I’m guessing, to the rave edition of Flosstradamus‘s Get Outta the Hood party, glowsticks are making a major comeback around town. At the New Indie Mafia night at Sonotheque last Friday there was a point — amidst all of this incredibly nasty electro-house racket Jordan Zawideh was throwing down — where someone busted out a green laser pointer and the crowd just lost it. The line in 24 Hour Party People where Tony Wilson describes rave culture being born in the moment where people started cheering for the DJ at the Hacienda, as opposed to the music he was playing, is wrong. People have been cheering on DJs since at least the 70s. Rave culture was born when people started giving it up for the light show.

So maybe rave’s going to get a second shot in the U.S. But people, can we do it this time without the whole baggy pants thing?