Illinois Democrats have failed miserably to govern, by not being able to agree on a state budget for two months and counting. Apparently Missouri Republicans are doing worse — and their failure is driven, not by faction fighting, but by radical fundamentalist ideology that equates a microscopic assemblage of cells with a human being. As Jason Rosenbaum reports in the Columbia Tribune, (hat tip to Progressive States Network), the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City owns 100 acres there but may invest $850 million elsewhere. Even though Missouri voters have amended the state’s constitution to prohibit legislative meddling with scientific research using embryonic stem cells, Republican legislators and the governor continue to try.

“In the event that Missouri embraces policies and enacts laws and regulations advocated by Sen. Bartle and Rep. Lembke, it is unlikely that there will ever be further expansion of the scientific facilities of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Missouri,” Stowers spokeswoman Laurie Roberts said. “To do otherwise would be akin to expanding a newspaper operation in a jurisdiction that had abolished freedom of press.”